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TellTheBell Survey: TellTheBell Survey is Taco Bell’s Official Survey which helps its customers to provide feedback, suggestions and their level of satisfaction with Taco Bell’s Services during their visit. The survey is available online on . In addition to providing feedback, the survey gives customers a chance to win an exciting cash prize and a free meal.

About The Survey

TellTheBell Survey is one of the most famous online portal surveys. It provides a great opportunity for Taco Bell’s valued customers to give a proper feedback and give their level of satisfaction. This not only helps customers to let the company know how they felt about their products and services but also helps the company to improve their services based on customers suggestions. Moreover, the survey gives an amazing chance for all customers, who took their time to fill it, to win an exciting cash prize of $500. The cash prize, along with a meal, can be won fairly, after entering a 16 digit code provided on the Taco Bell purchase receipt and answering all provided questions, on the online portal of TellTheBell Survey, as this immediately makes one a part of the lucky draw. It can be assured that this survey is 100%  genuinely real.

How To Participate In The Survey

To Participate in TellTheBell Survey, follow the steps below:-

  1. Visit any Taco Bell outlet, make a purchase, which will help you get a purchase receipt.
  2. Check for a 16 digit code in your purchase receipt, this will be your Survey Code.
  3. Visit to take the TellTheBell Survey
  4. On the survey website, enter the 16 digit survey code in the space provided to do so.
  5. Incase your purchase receipt does not have a 16 digit survey code, visit
  6. After visiting the above URL, enter the 6 digit store number, the date and the time of your visit in the space provided.
  7. Next, you need to provide details about the purchase you made by selecting the right option. (For example Doritos Locos Tacos)
  8. In the next question, you need to provide feedback based on your level of satisfaction by choosing the options provided.
  9. In the next question, you will need to answer about the quality of your taco you had during your last visit, then confirm your next visit to Taco Bell.
  10. Lastly, you need to provide your personal information (First Name, Last Name, Phone Number).
  11. You will now see a Thank You page indicating that your TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey is done.

About The Company

Taco Bell is one of the biggest fast food chains in the world, based and started in America. It specializes in Tex-Mex Cuisine. Taco Bell outlets serve a variety of Mexican fast food cuisine such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, etc. Taco Bell is also popular for serving “value menu” meals which are ideal for people on a budget spree.

TellTheBell Survey Social Media Accounts

TelltheBell Survey Customer Care Contact

Official Contacts for Customers for other issues or questions:

  • Customer Care: 1-800-822-6235
  • Corporate No: 1 (949) 863-4500
  • Customer Care Website:


TellTheBell is a great platform started by Taco Bell to let customers give their feedback, suggestions and leave their satisfaction level, all the while giving an exciting opportunity. This makes it fun as well as informative and helps build a better relationship between the company and its customers. We hope this article has helped you to gain information about what TellTheBell Survey is and has helped you know how to participate in it. Do take the survey following the guidelines in this article when you visit Taco Bell next time.


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