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TellGameStop Survey is GameStop’s Official Survey which has been created for its customers to convey to the company about their feelings, feedbacks and their level of satisfaction that they received with GameStop’s Services during their use of any of the company’s product. The survey is available online on In addition to providing feedback, GameStop Store provides to these customers who take their time and fill out survey with a chance to win a $100 GameStop gift card each month.

About The GameStop Survey

TellGameStop Survey is one of the most visited online portal surveys by video game players who want to provide their feedback to the company and who are also trying to get a gift card as well. It serves as a great opportunity for GameStop’s valued customers to give transparent and direct feedback and let the company know how they felt about their services. This not only helps customers to let the company know how they felt about their products and services but also serves as a medium to improve their services based on customer’s suggestions. The survey can be taken without a purchase receipt as well.

How to Participate In the TellGameStop Survey

To Participate in TellGameStop Survey, follow the steps below:-

  1. Visit any GameStop outlet, make a purchase, which will help you get a purchase receipt.
  2. Check for a 16 digit code in your purchase receipt, this will be your Survey Code.
  3. Visit Log into to take the TellGameStop Survey
  4. Select the language of your choice
  5. On the survey website, enter the feedback code in the space provided to do so.
  6. The feedback code is given on the receipt of your purchase
  7. After visiting the above URL, click the submit button, the date and the time of your visit in the space provided.
  8. After this, submit some details about the store you visited and where it is located.
  9. Enter the associate number and the shop number.
  10. In the next question, you need to provide feedback based on your level of satisfaction by choosing the options provided.
  11. There will be various open-ended or multiple choice questions.
  12. Answer as honestly as possible as that is not dependant on you winning a gift card
  13. Lastly, you need to provide your personal information (First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number).
  14. You will now see a Thank You page indicating that your TellGameStop Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey is done.
  15. Lastly, in case you win, you will be contacted by the company.

About The Company

GameStop is an all famous American retailer of video games and various other wireless electronics. It has a huge retail chain which consists of 7,267 shops all along the US. The headquarters of the company is in Texas.

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TellGameStop Survey is a great platform started by GameStop to let customers give their feedback and suggestions directly to the company. This is coupled along with an exciting price of winning a gift card worth the value which makes customers fill this survey eagerly. This approach helps the company to get the information it wants from is the end user. Do visit the site next time you go and take a survey as well.


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