EpayItOnline Payment | Guide To Pay Your Bills Online

EpayItOnline is an online bill payment solution on a website. It is enabled through a virtual terminal which allows for easy payment of bills online. Some e-commerce stores are run without an online payment gateway, online banking can still be another payment used but it is slower, time-consuming than just setting up an epayItOnline payment gateway which can process payment and you get your payments done immediately.

Epay it Online is a very swift payment process for your bills, in this article, you will find all the necessary precautions to take in order to pay your bills online.

Pay Your Bills Online With EpayItOnline?

The whole process only takes about -20 minutes to complete and in order to this, you must make sure you have attained these requirements;

  • A code ID
  • An access number
  • Internet-enabled mobile phone or tablet or PC.

Those are the requirements you need, next is the step by step process to complete this.


  • Once on the homepage, you will find the spaces to input the code ID and the access number (you can refer to the image below to see how it looks like)
  • Firstly, enter the code ID.
  • After that enter the access# in the space provided, that will be all but lastly, you need to scroll down the page and click on the submit button.
  • If you need any help, besides the code ID field there is a button which says “help” you can click that and everything is explained there OR refer to our guide for that bellow.
  • Now you need to choose the payment method you use, after that your payments will be complete and that is all, you are done.

Advantages of Paying with Epay it Online

  1. Fast and convenient: Epay it online payments are done within the blink of an eye. The payment solution spares a lot of time and if you are a busy person then this will be very beneficial for you because. It’s just a few minutes to get done with.
  2. Secure and safe: Most people may be afraid of online payments due to this feature but they need to embrace it. Epay it Online is very secure and in order to know more about this, read their privacy policy. They have reliable services which ensure that your money reaches safely. They are legal with a PCI and DSS certificate. And they don’t use your private data.
  3. Flexible: Epay it online is available 24/7 everywhere you go, you can pay. Its availability covers your need and that is one of their main goals.

What are Code ID and Access#

These two should not get you confused, basically, they are found on your bill, if you want to make these payments then you will need your bill at hand. And if you want a detailed explanation, follow the steps below

  1. You need to make sure your phone or PC is connected to the internet
  2. When connected, go to the ePay its official website.
  3. On their landing page beside the CodeID field, you will find a help option there.
  4. Click on it and read carefully.

What you can accomplish with Epayitonline?

Just from the name ‘ePay it online’, it actually helps with your payments through the internet. This payment gateway is useful for you as a customer in many different ways, depending on how well you plan on using it. Concerning cash payments, it furthers promotion for its users to feel safe while on the internet. You don’t need to go somewhere and register or have to go through third parties. NO!!, it’s direct.

The interface it provides is very user-friendly and not different from the web frames you see every day, so any type of online user can actually use their website. They also provide security which means all the transactions you do with them is kept within them and you, no third parties, you are actually safe.

If you are a trader or shop keeper, anyone who does business, ePay it online offers a preferred payment gateway for your clients and dealers, the payment method is advanced which will be of greater satisfaction to your consumers and dealers. They also improve sales conversion which may reduce abandoned carts.


This is all about epayItOnline, all the instructions you need, starting from the requirements you need to pay your bills online with Epay it online is provided in this article. Also, all what you can accomplish by using ePay it online, how security is and what they do with your data is also in this article. We hope this article helps you in all your future payments with ePay it online.

Updated: April 24, 2019 — 11:16 am

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