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Kohls MyHR Login

Kohl’s Corporation operates an American department retail store chain with about 1.159 locations in 49 states. It became the largest department store in chain in the US by 2013. This company was founded by a polish man who immigrated to the US, his name is Maxwell Kohl and he opened a corner grocery store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the year 1927. The grocery store chain was very successful and later on the company opened its first departmental store in the year

The company is now controlled by the British American Tobacco company who took over in 1972 and since 1979, the Kohl family had no role in the company’s management. Kohl’s has over 85,000 employees as of 2017 the idea of creating this website was to give its employees all work associated information. Two websites are available, one for the workers and the other for retired employees.

Kohls MyHR Website
Required Details To log InTo MyHR Account Kohls Associate Account Username and Kohls Associate Account Password.
Required Details To Log Into Kohls Alumni Account Kohls Alumni Account User ID and Kohls Alumni Account Password.
Kohls Customer Care Number (855) 564-5705

The kohls login guide is very simple and you need simple knowledge of nothing in order to do it, once you have a device and an internet connection, you can easily log in to your account. You don’t need to worry, just follow the steps below.

Myhr Kohls Login Guide

This online login portal was created to meet the needs of Kohl’s associates and workers so as to get access to the account page and get details about work. In order to complete this process, each and every user should have their own unique login details such as username and password to access their personal account page. If you don’t have an account, you should go create an account now to get your login credentials.

A few requirements are needed to complete this process.

  • A device to work with (PC, Laptop, tablet, smartphone).
  • Internet access.
  • Login details – Kohl’s account username and password ( if you don’t have yet then scroll down to learn how you can)

Instructions to follow

After meeting the requirements above, follow this step of instructions

  • Go to the browser on your device and visit the website
  • When the site opens, go to the login section.

Kohls MyHR Login

  • Input your Kohl’s associate username and password in their respective fields.
  • Check the details to ensure they have been correctly written out.
  • When everything is fine, click on the “Sign In” button.
  • It will take your page where you can access all their services.

How to reset your MyHr Kohls password?

If you lost your password or forgot it, no matter what happened, you can get another one by following the instructions below;

  • Go to their official website
  • When the page loads, go under the password section and click on “need help in signing in”
  • The forgot password section will show up just below it.
  • Click on “forgot password?”
  • If the “what can we help you with?” screen shows, click “reset password”.
  • Input your username and click continue.
  • Follow the remaining process to finalize your password reset

How to log in to kohls Alumni Account?

This guide is a login for people who are kohls retired associates, the process is very easy, just follow the steps below.


  • An internet enabled laptop, PC or smartphone
  • Khols Alumni Account ID and password


  • Before you proceed, make sure your device (smartphone, laptop, PC) is connected to the internet.
  • Go to the kohls Alumni website
  • Once you are on the homepage and the login portal which is by the side of the page4

Kohls Alumni

  • Enter your kohls Alumni user ID.
  • Enter your kohls Alumni password
  • After this, click on the “Alumni Login” button.
  • From here, you will go directly to your Alumni account where you can get access to all its services

Myhr Kohls customer care

You might want to have contact with the Kohl’s customer care service directly due to some doubts.

Customer care number: (855) 564-5705


Kohl’s benefits center: 844-564-5747


If you need help in logging into your kohls MYHR account or you are already a retired associate and you needed help logging in to kohls connection associate account, then this post must have helped you.

This is the end of Myhr Kohls Login guide, you know how to login to your Kohl’s account, in case you forgot your password you now know how to reset it. If you are a kohls worker or retired associate, then I hope you are satisfied with our article.

All the steps involved to login to your Kohls employee account or Kohls alumni account has been listed in this article. Also, the article started with a brief knowledge of the company. Thanks for reading this article, hope it was helpful.


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