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On the MetroPCS website, you can pay your Metro PCS Bill online, if you have your Metro PCS number and the money then you are good to go. We’ll talk a little bit about Metro PCS. It is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Metro PCS leases coverage from big networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. and then sells it to its customers. This coverage includes basic things like calls, text, data plans.

With them, you will experience a level of service which will feel like you are actually being provided service by the larger networks. T-Mobile controls Metro PCS, this means that as a user of Metro PCS you will enjoy the 4G LTE services which are provided by T-Mobile through Metro PCS. It’s that simple, you want fast services at a cheaper rate, so Metro Bill Payment Guide is to lead you to pay your subscription bills with Metro PCS.


In order to make payments, you will need to access the payment page at their website So you just go into your browser and enter this address which will take you to their site’s homepage.

When you are on the homepage, at the top main menu bar there are options such as; shop, payment, support. So now, you have to click on the payment option. Once you have clicked on the link, the payment page will be open. Now, input the Metro PCS phone number and then confirm after this, you will be taken to the page where you need to pay.

Enter your debit/credit card details and the payment amount then finalize confirmation of the payment which will then terminate the transaction.

Paying MetroPCS Bills Logged In

Basically, you can decide to make payments logged in or without even having to log in. The difference is that when you are logged in, you will need to input the Metro PCS phone number and your password when you want to issue payments but when you are not logged in, you will just be prompted to input just the Metro PCS phone number.

Step by step guide

  • Goto the MetroPCS Website at
  • On the website at the top main menu click “payment”.

MetroPCS Payment

  • The payments page will open, now you have to enter your Metro PCS Phone number, confirm phone number and click next.
  • Enter the payment amount and the payment details.
  • The last step is to Pay and confirm.

How to cancel a Metro PCS plan

You are not a member while using their services so you can leave anytime you want to but when you are on a monthly plan and want to leave in the middle of the month you have to pay for the whole month.

MetroPCS Plans

You can buy the following plans in which you will be billed every month.

  • Individual plans

Individual plans offer basic data plans, text and calls, all these plans have their corresponding prices and each of them includes regulatory fees and taxes and the good thing is that there are no annual contracts involved. When subscribed to this plan you obtain Unlimited 2G data, unlimited text and talk unlimited, the 2G data can run at 3G speeds which can be used for almost everything including WI-FI calling. Each plan has an amount of 4G LTE it comes with.

Basically, with the smallest plan, you have to pay $30/month in which you will have 1GB of 4G LTE data. $40/month which gives you 6GB of 4G LTE data. $50/month which gives up to 30GB of 4G LTE data. But when you subscribe to the $60/month, you get data unlimited at 4G LTE.

  • Family Plans

When you have multiple lines, Metro PCS offers you a discount. In order to get a family plan, you need to begin subscription at the $40/month plan in which you can add up more of those lines and you can get up to $15 discount off each line for subscribing to 4 of those lines. You can pay $65 when you buy 2 lines of the 6GB 4G LTE plan.

When you buy the more than 1 line for the $50 and 60 plans, you will get a $10 discount on each line, so the more lines you buy the cheaper it becomes but you cannot buy more than 5 lines on a single plan.

If you need to find other Alternative carriers or MVNOs, there are many out there, you can try others like Mint Mobile or Straight talk or TracFone. They are T-Mobile service providers and alternatives to Metro PCS.

Unlocking a MetroPCS Phone

Metro Pcs phones often come with a Device unlock app which lets you send a simple request for a code. You have to know that the phone should have an active Metro PCS service running on it

Metro PCS Contacts

Phone: 1-888-863-8768



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