Ideas To Make An Organizing Panel For Your Work


If you are one of the people who work at home, you will already know how important it is to keep the workplace organized. In addition, you will also know how essential it is to feel comfortable in the space reserved for work, either with an organizing panel or with classifiers to maintain order.

However, there are usually many things that we need, and maintaining order is difficult. For this reason, we propose you to make an organizer panel for your place of work yourself.

Take note!

An organizing panel for your work corner

Properly organizing the desk will allow you to perform more effective and inspiring work.

Surely you’ll be fed up with finding pins, pencils, and notes scattered all over the desk where you work. In addition to being unsightly and irritating, it can even make you less satisfied when you have to constantly look for these tools.

For this reason, we propose you order them in a wall organizer panel, so that, not only will you be able to maintain order, but also the aesthetics of the room will improve. In this way, your attitude will be more positive.

In addition, on the other hand, you will be able to observe that it is very easy and that it will cost you neither the time nor effort to find the materials. Also, they are extremely economical and it is not a complicated craft.

Materials and tools

For the organizing panel you will need:

  • A perforated aluminum sheet of the color and size you want.
  • Small cubes of cardboard.
  • A piece of cork.
  • Bookbinders matching the color of the aluminum foil. However, you can also choose another type of hook.
  • Paint Cans.
  • Brush.

How to do it

  • First, paint the cardboard boxes. They can be of various colors or the same, as you want. In any case, remember that to be well you must apply at least two layers of paint since the cardboard absorbs enough.
  • Then, let the painted boxes dry well.
  • Later, when the drawers have dried, we are going to hook them in the aluminum sheet. To do this, make a small hole in the center of one of the side faces of the drawers.
  • Through the hole, one of the binders passes, leaving the head on the inside of the drawer. The objective is that the drawer is hooked to the aluminum foil by the binder. To do this, pass the binder hooked to the drawer through the recesses of the sheet and open the opposite end from behind to be fixed.
  • You can add different boxes or drawers to the sheet, depending on the compartments you want.
  • On the other hand, you can choose the size of the drawers as you wish. If they are longer, they may contain pens and markers. If necessary, increase the attachment points to the sheet.
  • To hook the cork to the aluminum sheet, we will use thumbtacks. First, place the cork on the aluminum mesh and then, from behind, use thumbtacks to puncture the cork so that the head of the thumbtack is behind the sheet.
  • Actually, you can add as many elements as you want. To hold them, simply use the binders leaving the head in front of the sheet and opening them from behind. They will serve as the basis for hanging other things.
  • Finally, fix the sheet to the wall.

Other ideas to organize your work corner

Find your way to organize the desk using cans, boxes or any other material.

Organize the drawers

There are usually few drawers available in a work corner. In addition, these tend to end up being a “mess drawer” where it is impossible to find things. For this reason, a good idea is to include sorting boxes inside the drawers.

Everything will be in order and at hand.

Use shelves

Like the drawers, shelves are of vital importance to avoid clutter and, above all, empty the desk.

On the other hand, not only the shelves or shelves but can also use wall hangers with wide hooks. So, in them, you can hang baskets, boxes or cups so that you have practically an organizing panel in which to put things.

Recycle boats

They are ideal for storing things inside. In addition, by recycling, you can give the boats a new air that combines with your workspace.

Do you have any more ideas? Do you have an organizer panel in your work corner? Our last advice is to use nice colors that make you feel inspired and relaxed. Without a doubt, it is something really important when it comes to performing more at work.


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