How To Reduce Waste Before Generating It?


The reduction of the ecological footprint, a way to quantify the ecological impact of our presence on Earth, is in everyone’s hands. One of the main actions we can take to contribute is to reduce the waste we generate at home. This is one of the keys to not polluting and protecting the planet.

There are some very simple things we can do in our daily lives to help keep the world cleaner and provide as little waste as possible. Next, we will see some ideas to reduce waste before generating them.

What does it mean to reduce waste?

Reducing the waste we generate is the first measure that, in turn, avoids the steps of recycling and reusing.

Surely we have all heard about the rule of the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. There are three fundamental points to protect the environment. The first of these actions is probably the most important.

When we talk about reducing waste we talk about the previous step thanks to which the other two will not be necessary. If we stop producing waste or at least reduce it to a minimum, it will not be necessary to reuse or recycle it.

Good habits that lead us not to produce waste, is always much better than taking measures to repair the damage. For these reasons, the measure of reducing waste is really the first step to help take care of the planet.

A responsible purchase

The first thing we must take into account when reducing waste is the importance of having a responsible attitude when buying. The goods that are currently on the market are increasingly disposable, objects that are used and thrown away.

It is necessary to aim towards a more responsible consumption, buy only the things we need and ensure that they are of good quality. In this way, adopting a rational and conscious consumption, the products we buy will be more durable and avoid the production of waste.

Attention to packaging

The excess of plastic wrap has a high impact on the environment, generating a large volume of waste.

Another important element to reduce waste is to look at the packaging of the product we are going to acquire. There are products that come with an excess of packaging that is also absolutely useless. If we choose the ones that come less packaged we will be taking a responsible decision.

The idea is to buy products without packaging and, of course, always carry a cloth bag to avoid plastic bags. If you can not ignore the packaging, it is preferable to opt for those that are cardboard or paper and glass containers.

Appliances and electronic equipment

As for electrical appliances, it is very common that when they are damaged we discard them without first trying to repair them. The idea is to buy good quality products that have a longer useful life and, if damaged, look for all options so that a technician can repair them.

If repair is impossible, then a good alternative is to leave them in the places that sell them. In many appliance stores and electronic equipment, they receive the old appliances, since they can reuse some pieces. If this is not possible, another option would be to take them to one of the clean spots in your city.

A second chance

Before throwing the waste we must consider if it is possible that they have more uses.

There are many objects that we no longer use but that are in good condition. Before throwing them away it is important to consider that they can serve someone. You can do for example an exchange of clothes and objects at a family level or between friends and acquaintances.

There are also many spaces that promote this possibility of giving objects a second chance. On the Internet, there are specialized pages that operate like traditional street markets but online. These spaces, in addition, give the possibility of buying things at generally very low prices.

How to reduce waste in food

A good way to reduce waste in food is to consume fresh and locally produced products since they will generally have less packaging and have needed less transportation.

As for packaging, it is always better to opt for glass containers rather than plastic bottles or bricks. In addition, it is preferable to always buy beverages in large containers (as well as cleaning products).

Tap water will also always be the best option to avoid the consumption of plastic bottles. To eliminate a possible lime content, there are currently accessories that can be installed in the tap itself to have a healthier and higher quality water.


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